• What is Rent a Room scheme?

    If you intend on the option to take in a lodger or maybe currently have one, you can generate as much as £4,250 annually tax-free revenue. This is what\'s called the \"Rent a Room Scheme\". When the revenue you obtain through your lodger is actually lower than the threshold you don\'t have to do anything. On the other hand, should you exceed the limit you must complete a tax return and inform HM Revenue & Customs. 

  • What are Email Notifications?

    You will receive an email notifications that are associated with your advert. We’ll be sending you daily our “RoomHunters Daily Digest” Ads that match your requirements. You’ll also receive an instant notification any time someone favours your ad, and someone sends you a message. This is our main method to connect you with potential members that satisfy your requirements. So, its important to receive these notifications. Please also note that we will not send you any emails with commercial content. 

  • What is a VIP Membership?

    VIP membership allows you to enjoy the full benefits this site can offer you. Your Ads will be Bold and much more visible than Free ads with more colours and longer texts. Furthermore, you can contact Early Bird members (Ads less than 7 days old), contact all Free Ads, send messages to all members, and you can be contacted by all members. VIP memberships start from only £6.90.

  • Can I Advertise for Free?

    Everyone can use, browse, and post ads for free on our website. However, being a free member does have limitations. You can only contact ads that are more than 7 days old. Thus, you won’t be able to contact early bird members. You can only be contacted by VIP members. Which limits significantly the people who can contact you. To lift all limitations and enjoy the full benefits of our website, you can upgrade to VIP membership from only £6.90.

  • How to Pause and Re-activate my VIP plan?

    You can only pause/resume your VIP on our 28 days plan. Please note that your VIP plan can only be Paused/Resumed once and must be used within 6 months

  • What is a Lodger?

    A lodger is a person who is living in one of the rooms of the property and shares common areas (kitchen, bathroom, lounge) with live in landlord or homeowner. Being a lodger is not the same as being a tenant. Lodgers have much less rights than tenants. This is because lodgers live with live in landlords and the balance of rights is in their favour. Thus, you’ll have less say over things and less rights. Most likely the benefit of becoming a lodger is that it happens to be a lot less expensive compared to being a tenant. Additionally, the property owner will likely to be a lot more eager about maintaining your property in good condition compared to a live out landlord might be. 

  • What is Flatsharing?

    Flatshare refers to properties with shared accommodation with rooms to rent. Usually in flatshare, there are two or more people live in the same property together. With each person having their own bedroom. In recent years this trend had increased significantly due to high rental prices in major cities such as: London, Mancherster, Liverpool, and Leeds. Flatshare tends to be much cheaper than renting your own place and allows you to split the costs with your flatmates. 

  • How to Disable Email Notifications?

    To Disable Email Notifications simply Login to your account or you can unsubscribe from an email notification. Each email we send you contains a link to unsubscribe.

  • What is Early Bird?

    Early Bird refers to every ad placed on our website, that is less than 7 days old. Only VIP members can view and contact Early Bird ads. By contacting Early Bird ads you may increase your chances of finding what you are looking for, as you’ll be contacting newer ads that are less than 7 days old.

  • Why My Ad is Not Active Yet?

    At RoomHunters we are committed to the safety of our users. This includes keeping away scammers off the site. We have created complicated filters that scan every single ad to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with it. Once these filters approve the ad, we then check the ad manually before posting it on the website. So, please bear with us a few moments until your ad appears live.

  • Do You Audit Advertisers?

    While we make every effort to prevent fraudsters of using our website, it’s virtually impossible to scan every single advertiser on the website. We do, however, implement safety filters to prevent fraudsters of using the website. The safety of our users is of paramount importance and we are committed to providing you with scam free website. Please also check our Safety Tips to learn more about how to protect yourself.

  • Safety & Security

    Scam Emails 

    Fraudsters may send you an email asking you to pay money upfront for deposits or other household costs. Strictly ignore such emails and block them from your account as soon as possible. We advice you to communicate only through the website and not respond to individual emails. 

    Is Your Personal Data Safe with Us?

    At RoomHunters we use SSL technology to present you with the most secure, and reliable online experience conceivable. Every one of the forms on our website have been protected using SSL technology which means that your private information remains secure and away from harmful hands. 

    Is Your Payment Details safe with us? 

    Please note that we don’t collect or store customer’s credit or debit cards information. The only payment method we use is PayPal. PayPal is a world leader in online transactions and offers the highest possible level of security available. 

    Is my Email Address Safe? 

    Your email address is safe with us. We’ll never sell or disclose your email address to any third parties.