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You have to sell yourself if you’d like your ad to be effective. Don’t skip the options, when filling for your ad. Uploading an image and giving good description of yourself is the least you can do to attract potential landlords with suitable properties to you.

 Flatmates Advert writing practices
Flatmates writing great advert title

Ad Image

Arguably, the most important part of your ad is the image. You can write like a “Shakespeare”, but if your image doesn’t catch a user’s eye, you are less likely to get a click on your ad. Don’t use images of poor quality, or images who don’t show you in the best way possible.

Write Appealing Title

Your title is an ideal way to spur interest in your ad. Don’t just write “Looking for Double room in Camden”. Be more creative. Add more to your title such as “Friendly Professional Female Seeking Room”. Bear in mind that users will be looking at adverts with photos and catchy titles.

Flatmates Advert Description
Flatmates satisfying Landlords requirement

Advert Description

Writing a description for your ad, is your chance to inform potential landlords why they should contact you. Avoid using as less words as possible, just because you are in a rush. You should dedicate most of your time here, by explaining important details about you.

About You

Many landlords will have specific requirements when looking for a tenant. Requirements such as: no-smokers, no pets, for females only, students, orientation, etc. That’s why is very important to fill in these details when posting an ad, as the landlord will know more about you before making a contact. You will waste each others time, if a landlord call you to find out that you are a smoker but he’s looking for no smokers.


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