How to share a room

Couple Sharing a Room in London

When you need to share a room with someone, don’t panic. Our useful tips for sharing a room may help you to avoid future disputes.

1. Determine who gets what area in the room and establish neutral area. Even though it might be tight when sharing a room it will save you conflict situations when you know your bit of space in the room. In that way you can keep your stuff away from the other person’s territory.

2.  Try to collaborate with each other. Avoid arguing over small things and try to keep good relationship. This is one of the most important factors when sharing a room.

3. Maintain your area of the room tidy. When you share a room try to do your best not to keep your dirty clothes lying all over the room and be tidy. In this way you can demand from your roommate to do the same for you.

4. The snoring problem. If any of you snores you may consult your GP to prescribe good snoring pills.

5. Share any ideas you may have regarding decorating the place. You can paint the room in the colour you both like, or a good painting can make your boring walls more appealing.

Remember to keep in good relationship with your roommate. If this is not feasible you may be better off finding another place where you can find peace. It’s really not worth it to have conflicts or problems when you share a room. We hope this few tips will make your sharing a joyful experience.


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