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Tenant Content Insurance


It may not be mandatory to insure your personal possessions, but it can prove to be a good idea to have tenant content insurance. Have a think about how much the total value would be of all your belongings. Do you have a laptop, desktop computer, iPad, mobile phone, TV, DVD, digital camera? If so, their total value might be worth thousands of pounds. Further, how much it would cost to replace your possessions if it’s stolen or damaged?
Tenant Content insurance generally protects your belongings from loss or destruction by fire and theft. Please note that most of the insurers would not cover your belongings in shared accommodation. Check the contract carefully and inform the insurance company that you live in a shared accommodation and whether they can protect you. Furthermore, shop around to find the best quote, as prices differ.


Students Insurance

When you are an undergraduate, the last thing you would like to be concerned about is to replace your personal possessions after theft. Having contents insurance can actually secure your possessions towards theft and can even protect you against damage or loss. We all know that most of the students out there have limited resources and losing major possessions such as laptops and tablets may result in difficulties to keep up with the studies. Therefore it might be a good idea to cover the possessions that are quite costly to replace.
Check with the insurance provider whether they will cover you in a shared accommodation. Some of the insurance providers should be able to provide replacement for your laptop within 24h. Remember always to compare quotes to find the best deals.


Gadget Insurance

Gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones are quite fragile and can get easily damaged. You can spill a drink on your laptop or you can drop off your mobile and damage the screen. The instances are countless, but what’s important here is whether you can afford to replace your most valuable gadgets. Our advice is to ensure those gadgets that are vital for you to continue your work or studies. Always check different quotes and read the terms and conditions.


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