Lodger Agreements

Leasing a bedroom to a lodger is significantly less formal compared to leasing a house to a tenant. Don't be amazed to find out a large number of lodgers will not sign any form of contract. Even though is not required, acquiring written lodger agreement can be a wise course of action. 


UK Lodger Agreements

Should your relationship with the lodger worsens, it's essential to possess a piece of writing that declares legal rights and responsibilities. We would advice you to definitely have a lodger contract whenever a new lodger moves in. A lodger agreement will likewise provide you with a reassurance,as you'll know where you stand in case troubles occur. 

You can download our Solicitor Approved “Lodger Agreement” for a room in a furnished house from our website for only £2.99.
Alternatively, you can download the agreement free of charge when you upgrade your membership to one of our VIP plans. 


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