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Subletting it’s essentially the concept of a current tenant leasing all or some section of a house to another. Instead of having to pay the lease to a landlord, the actual subtenant gives payment to the tenant, whom consequently will pay rent to the landlord. Please note that a large number of tenants may require an approval prior to subletting.

Do you have a right to sublet your property?
Should you be a private tenant leasing an unfurnished house, in some instances you may have a lawful right to sublet the house so that you can have a lodger without needing to consult it with your landlord. However, it would be based upon your tenancy arrangement; hence it’s wise to obtain a legal assistance prior to deciding any type of sublet.

Differences between a lodger and subtenant.
A lodger leases a bedroom in a house whilst may also be given a few other services such as meals, laundry and cleaning. Typically a lodger resides in the house with the landlord consent. The agreement concerning a landlord and a lodger is personal. Whereby, an agreement between aand a subtenant may not involve the landlord. A subtenant normally has a personal use of at least one room in the property. In most cases is the bedroom.

Possible problems with Subletting
You will need to be willing to carry full accountability for anybody in which you sublet. It’s great to sublet to a friend or family member, but may prove risky to sublet to someone you don’t know. If somebody you sublet to do not pay their rent, you’ll nevertheless have to find funds to cover the costs and pay their share. This may also apply for any damages made by the subtenant. What you can do to prevent this is to add the subtenant to your tenancy contract so that they will be paying to the landlord rather than to you.

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