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You don’t only have rights when signing tenancy agreement. You also have responsibilities. As a private tenant you have the right to know the terms of the tenancy. Read them carefully and stick to them.

The most basic responsibilities are:

  • The rent is paid on time
  • The property is kept in the same condition as it was received (excluding general wear and tear)
  • Fittings, fixtures, and furniture are not damaged due to misuse or negligence

Pay Your Rent on Time

Rent payments are usually settled upfront with a minimum of a month’s rent deposit. Look at your contract or question your landlord on the precise amount and when is due to be settled. Consult your landlord what occurs should you fall behind with the rent payments. Will he impose a fee for every extra day you are taking to settle the lease?


Paying the Bills

Look at your tenancy contract whether or not you need to pay all the bills, or maybe a number of them are included in your lease. Commonly, a tenant will likely need to pay utility bills such as: gas, electricity, water, telephone, broadband, council tax and TV licence. If you don’t pay them, you may have to pay a fee for reconnection.

Looking after Flatshare Property    

Looking After the Property

Being a tenant you've got accountability to maintain the place. Do your very best to maintain the property in good shape and steer clear of creating pointless damages. Your landlord shall be accountable for maintenance of the exterior of the property, along with water system, cabling, and central heating. Property owners may also be needed to make sure that gas and electric systems adhere to safety specifications.

Being a tenant you happen to be liable to take care of internally of the residence. Including: furnishings, equipment, decorations. Furthermore, any kind of repairs should be documented to the property owner at the earliest opportunity. In the event you cause any damage, or perhaps break something, you’ll need to fix it or even replace it. This could possibly be taken off from your deposit.



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