What is a Lodger?

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is usually an individual welcomed into a person’s house to share their housing and in most cases reside as a member of the household for a fee that can be charged weekly or monthly.
In cases where a lodger possesses a private occupation of a room this may be considered a tenancy which will automatically give the lodger more rights.
What you can do to prevent this is to create an appropriate written arrangement made for lodgers.
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Lodger’s Rights

When you lease a bedroom and share the living space (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, and lounge) with the landlord, you will be classified as being a lodger. You might have access to your own bedroom, but you won’t possess exceptional use of that room. This in other words means that the landlord is allowed to enter the room without your permission. 

Furthermore, in terms of legal rights a lodger possesses very few. Typically, a lodger agrees to the terms and conditions verbally with the landlord, and it will be extremely difficult to enforce your rights should any problems occur. It’s also not necessary for your landlord to have a possession order from the court to evict you.


Paying the Rent


It’s essential to ensure that you can pay the rent on time as the landlord may evict a lodger much more easily than a tenant. You should be given some sort of agreement which will stipulate when the rent is due or in most cases this arrangement is done verbally. 

Try to have some kind of proof of payment. If your landlord does not give you a rent book, try to negotiate to transfer the rent to the landlord’s bank account. In this way you will have a proof of payments.


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